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Family Support

For more than 40 years, Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc. (MCS) has been an innovator in the provision of Family Support services and continues to be a statewide leader in the delivery of these services. MCS is primarily funded by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS), and currently serves more than 3000 individuals with intellectual disabilities and Autism throughout western Massachusetts.

As our name implies, MCS is committed to providing responsive support to individuals from diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. Our Family Support services are crafted with the firm belief that individuals with disabilities are best supported by being home with their families. We consider families to be the experts in caring for their family member with a disability, and we endeavor to work alongside individuals with disabilities and their families to create and ensure a quality of life filled with happiness and opportunity – an enviable life!

We are pleased to host three Family Support Centers. All centers are conveniently located and completely accessible, and they strive to be an important part of the local community. placeholder

Service Navigators assist individuals with disabilities and their families in accessing supports, and services, with navigating the service system and by facilitating opportunities that will enhance their lives.

Caring for a loved one with a disability is a continuous responsibility that often leaves a caretaker in need of a break. Understanding that each family and individual is unique, respite can come in many forms and options. 

Oftentimes a valuable support to families can be in the form of financial assistance. This assistance must be related to the individual’s disabilities.

Assists families with one or more members with a disability experiencing significant challenges that are causing the child/individual to be at risk of out-of-home placement.

The Medically Complex Program, known as Family Bridges, focuses on supporting families of children and young adults who are medically fragile.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education/Department of Developmental Services (DESE/DDS) Program is designed to provide in-home services and wrap-around supports to school-age participants. 

Upon graduating from high school OR turning 22 years of age, individuals with Autism who do not have an intellectual disability can access some adult supports offered by DDS, including day programming and Family Support.

MCS offers in-home behavioral support services for individuals and families enrolled in the Family Support program. Referrals to this program are initiated by the DDS through a closed referral process.

This series focuses on providing families and individuals with the vision, knowledge, and leadership skills needed to live in their communities as desired.


The MCS Translation Center is a nonprofit project funded by the Department of Developmental Services and hosted by Multicultural Community Services.

MCS deeply values the input and opinions of the individuals and the families we support. We developed two Family Advisory Councils to ensure those voices are heard.

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From educational resources to heartwarming stories, our Program Videos section offers a glimpse into the tailored support we provide to individuals and families.

We are staffed with a professional and dedicated team who are ready to assist you in meeting the needs of your family member with a disability.