Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Translation & Interpretation

MCS Translation and Interpretation Services, created in 1997, is a nonprofit project funded by the Department of Developmental Services and hosted by Multicultural Community Services. We provide interpretation and translation services to businesses, state organizations, institutions and private individuals.

Our Mission

MCS Translation and Interpretation Services are committed to providing quality interpretation and translation services to people with intellectual disabilities and their families who are from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and whose primary language is other than English. This will be accomplished through the creation of our comprehensive interpretation and translation services. As a result of our services, we believe we can support access to a myriad of services that state, private, and local agencies could provide.

Why you need our services

Access to human services for all people is a goal we share with you. The ability to deliver quality services is closely connected to the ability to communicate. As the population of refugees and immigrants grows in Western Massachusetts, social service agencies must take steps to enhance communication with individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families whose primary language is not English. Utilizing our professional, culturally competent translators and interpreters will help your agency to:

      • Improve the delivery of social services.
      • Improve outreach efforts.
      • Build community trust in your work.
      • Increase cost-effectiveness by reducing diagnostic errors, missed appointments and unnecessary visits.
      • Prevent the inappropriate use of untrained staff or family members as interpreters.
      • Avoid inadequate or erroneous service delivery.

Because we specialize in human services, we are well-suited to serve your interpreting and translating needs. We know the vocabulary you use, the services you offer, and the population you serve.


What we offer

Written Translations: Posters, flyers, letters and brochures are often the first contact that agencies have with the communities they serve. We can translate these publicity materials, as well as official communications, treatment plans, office signs, and any other relevant documents. A translator is true to the original message and phrased in a way that is accessible to the community being served.

Oral Interpretation: There are two kinds of interpretation:

Consecutive interpreting is most commonly used at small meetings or private medical and legal appointments. Speakers use short phrases or a few sentences that are then interpreted to the other party.

Simultaneous interpreting is most often used at large meetings or conferences, where the interpreter talks at the same time as the speaker. It works best when interpreting equipment – headsets and transmitters – is used.

MCS Translation and Interpretation Services offers a full array of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. We focus on culturally as well as linguistic interpretation. Culturally beliefs and practices can strongly influence the success of service delivery. Our translators and interpreters can help to build bridges between the world views of people from other cultures and U.S.-based concepts and treatment plans.

All of our translators and interpreters are supervised by MCS staff and have ongoing opportunities from training and mentoring.


Other languages – such as Polish, Cape Verdean, and Ukrainian,  are available with sufficient prior notice.