Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

DESE/DDS Program

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education/Department of Developmental Services (DESE/DDS) Program is designed to provide in-home services and wrap-around supports to school-age participants. The goal of these supports and services is to help prevent a more restrictive educational or out-of-home residential placement. The intent of the program is to increase a family’s ability to support his/her child in the home and community by creating an individualized plan of supports for the participant that promotes skill building, independence, and social integration across multiple settings including the participants home, school, and community. The DESE/DDS Program is administered by DDS with funding from the DESE. 

Individuals must be eligible for DDS services and meet additional specific program criteria for participation. The parent/guardian of the participant must agree to become an active participant in the program. This includes collaborating on the development of the participant’s DESE/DDS Support Plan to help establish the current set of goals for the participant as well as his/her needs. Families also help to determine how best to reach these goals with the help of the in-home and community staff. Lastly, the parent/guardian plays a significant role in helping the DESE/DDS Program personnel determine how best to utilize the funds within the allowable guidelines.    

There are three basic service components to the DESE/DDS Program: Family Navigation, Professional Staffing supports of varying types (In-Home and in the community), and Ancillary Goods and Services (including reimbursements and payments).

Families interested in the DESE program must fill out an interest form during the open enrollment period.

For a more comprehensive overview of the program and its services, please access the following link: