Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Mission Statement

Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley is committed to providing culturally and ethnically responsive support that enhances the capacities of individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families, to maximize their quality of life as individuals and as members of the larger community.

Belief Statements

MCS is committed to:

Strategic Plan: FY 2021-2026

MCS continues to be a vital partner with those supported, their families, the community labor force, and with its funding agencies. MCS will remain true to its mission while responding to changes anticipated over the next 5 years. The Strategic Plan for the period of January 2021- January 2026 is a result of widespread input, feedback, and analysis from 10 focus groups and surveys. It is designed to be dynamic and fluid, and for this reason will be reviewed each year by the Strategic Planning Team. Specific operational objectives will emanate from the Goals enumerated in each section.