Multicultural Services of Pioneer Valley, Inc


Mission Statement

Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley is committed to providing culturally and ethnically responsive supports that enhance the capacities of individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families, to maximize their quality of life as individuals and as members of the larger community.



MCS Belief Statements

MCS is committed to:

  • Excellence in the provision of individualized services by promoting individual control, choice, and independence
  • Promoting the human rights and dignity of all people
  • Enhancing communities by supporting inclusion of all of its members
  • Providing culturally sensitive services
  • Being a responsive, accessible, and flexible resource for individuals and families
  • Maintaining an environment that values the contributions of staff
  • Managing resources in a prudent and accountable manner
  • Promoting community awareness of MCS and its mission
  • Providing an environment that encourages learning and teaching