Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Staff Training

Some Notes about Online Training

You are required to open and review the training material provided in each training. You will be signing off that you have read/watched the material provided, so please do so.

Please do not proceed with any online training unless you know it is time for you to take it. You will not be paid for any training if it is not time for you to take it. If you have any questions regarding any of the MCS training, including if it is time for you to take it, you may contact Lutece Richardson, the MCS Training Coordinator, at (413) 782-2500.

Upon completing the training, please get in touch with your supervisor to determine if you will be paid for your time. If you are paid for your time, you must make sure it is listed on your timesheet.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Required Annual training for all Staff. Must receive a score of 70% or greater to complete the training

Cybersecurity training

On going required training for network users. Don't let the bad guys win. Stay up to date on your training!

Driver Safety

Required annual training for all employees that transport or intend to transport any of our individuals. Must receive a score of 80% or greater to complete the training

Fire Safety

Required Annual training for all Staff.

Human Rights

Mandatory training for all new MCS staff. Class is held over Zoom so visit this page to see available classes and the steps for preregistration

Human Rights Refresher

A required annual training. Only individuals who have previously completed the 5 hour Human Rights and Mandated Reporting are eligible to take this refresher course.

Mandated Reporting

This is mandatory training for all MCS staff once a year. Employees must have attended Human Rights/Mandated Reporting within the last three years and not be a new employee.

Sexual Harassment

Mandatory annual training for all staff.


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Using MCS Technology for Work

MCS provides its employees with various equipment, software, and services to promote working securely and efficiently. Understanding the basic processes for completing tasks with company resources can save you time, hassle, and the need for IT assistance

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety is required training for all MCS employees that must be taken only once. Must receive a score of 90% or greater to complete the training.