Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Fire Safety Training

Please note you are required to read the training documentation in its entirety. You will be signing off that you have read the entire document.

This is an annual training. Please do not proceed with this training unless you know for sure it is time for you to take it. You will not be paid for this training if it is not time for you to take it. Upon successfully completing this training, please contact your supervisor to determine if you will be paid for your time.

If you are paid, you must make sure it is listed on your time sheet. If you have any questions regarding this training, including if it is time for you to take it, you may contact Lutece Richardson, Training Coordinator, at (413) 782-2500.

Fire Safety Training

Please read the Fire Safety Training documentation to complete this training

Fire Safety Signature Page

Please read the training documentation before signing