Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Using Work Technology

MCS provides its employees with equipment, such as desktops, laptops, and thin clients, to complete their daily responsibilities. MCS also offers various software and services to promote working confidently and efficiently, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Pro, Zoom, Grammarly, SkillSets, and KnowBe4.

But do employees know how to leverage all these services?? Understanding the basic processes for completing tasks with company resources can save you time, hassle, and the need for IT assistance.  Whether you are a new employee or not familiar with the various MCS systems, we have training that may be just right for you.

Ask yourself these questions…

Do I know the best practice for saving my files while ensuring they are backed up?

How do I access my Grammarly account and install it on my device?

Am I current with my mandatory cybersecurity training?

Do I know the difference between on-network and off-network?

Do I know how to use the Authenticator app?

If I am working on a domain-joined device, when do I access the network?

How do I work remotely?

Can I reset/change my MCS password?

Do I know when to use the BCC line?

How do I encrypt emails?

How do I access my email if the Outlook application isn’t working?

What is the standard way to reach IT?

What day of the week is my work equipment updated?


If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, the IT department encourages you to attend this training. 

Topics Include

Tyler will host this training once a month at the Main Office. The session is limited to 15 individuals to ensure all participants are comfortable with the basic principles, resources, and processes while allowing adequate time for questions. Register Now by submitting the information below. 

Next Session: Thursday, January 12th – Time 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM