Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Adult Foster Care (AFC)/Shared Living

** Due to COVID 19, MCS currently restricts office visits to appointments only and that all visitors check in at the front desk/main office.***

The MCS Placement Services’ programs (Adult Foster Care and Shared Living) strive to:

  • Provide a residentially based service in a safe, therapeutic home environment designed to promote self-enhancing routines and
    rhythms of a fulfilling life for individuals served.
  • Support individuals through a multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Focuses on the individuals’ dignity, community participation, relationship building, choice/decision making, and skill-building while providing needed assistance with daily tasks.

In order to achieve quality services, Individuals served by MCS are active participants in the planning, implementation, and
ongoing review and revision of their Individual Service Plan. MCS is committed to continued quality and the involvement of the individuals in the individualized planning process by establishing goals and measurable objectives that incorporate the unique strengths, abilities, needs, and preferences of each person served. MCS placement services are responsive to the expectations of the individuals and their desired outcomes from services and are relevant to their maximum participation in the environment of
their choice.  This ensures preventive care is in place and the overall quality of life is met in a respectful manner. 

Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care, also known as AFC, is a program for Elderly adults or adults with developmental or physical disabilities who cannot live alone safely.

Shared Living

Shared Living is a residential support in which an individual resides with another non-disabled person or host family.

Program Details

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

For inquiries regarding the AFC and Shared Living programs, please contact the main number at (413) 782-2500

The program has an emergency on-call system for evenings, weekends, and holidays. MCS caregivers are responsible for calling MCS personnel for any life-threatening emergencies and/or concerns outside of baseline and to seek immediate medical attention when necessary. As a reminder, if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.

Emergency Shared Living:   413-328-5031

Emergency Adult Foster Care:  413-328-5028 

The Multicultural Community Services (MCS) Adult Foster Care (AFC) and Shared Living Offices are located at: 

1000 Wilbraham Rd., 2 floor
Springfield, MA 01109
Phone: 413-782-2500 
Fax: 413-382-0223 
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