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Shared Living

Shared Living is a residential support in which an individual with developmental and intellectual disabilities resides with another, non-disabled person or host family. Efforts are made to match an individual with an optimal living situation that offers an appropriate level of support and supervision as well as oversight, training and assistance by the provider agency.

Individuals will live in a qualified setting with trained, paid independent contractors or Care Providers. Care Providers will receive a tax-free stipend to provide daily support with personal care needs in a family setting rather than a residential or congregate care facility. Care Providers are required to provide meals, companionship, personal care assistance and 24-hour supervision. Host families may be individuals, couples or families.

The Shared Living program strives to:

  • Provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live in a family environment in the community where the individual can feel secure and be part of a household.
  • Provide the individual the opportunity/support to develop a relationship with their housemate based on mutual respect, trust, and dignity.
  • Focus on community participation, relationship-building, choice decision-making and skill building while providing assistance with daily tasks.
  • Match the individual based on similar interests and lifestyles.


To be eligible for Shared Living, an individual must:

  • Be 22 years of age or older
  • Be unable to live alone due to medical, physical, cognitive or mental condition
  • Currently receive DDS services and be referred by Service Coordinator.
  • Be willing to live with a Provider.

MCS Staff includes a multidisciplinary team of RN’s, Case Managers and Clinicians. Home visits are conducted monthly (at a minimum) and as frequently as needed.

DDS payment rates are determined by Massachusetts state regulation and will be provided during the matching process. Payment to Shared Living Providers will begin on the first day in which Shared Living services are provided to the individual by an approved Care Provider.

Additional funds, as determined by the individual’s available funds and/or representative payee, will be dispersed for spending outside of the items mentioned.

Performance Evaluation Policy:

  • MCS AFC will conduct at least a biennial survey of members, Care Providers, stakeholders and staff and develop a quality improvement plan that addresses issues and concerns raised by the survey.
  • Satisfaction survey results will be shared on the MCS website.

Shared Living Care Providers

Shared Living Care Providers welcome these adults into their lives and their hearts. Their roles are that of a caregiver, mentor, advocate and friend, fostering the individual’s independence through skills training, decision making and community integration.

Shared Living Care Providers gain the satisfaction of knowing they are helping someone develop the tools to live a meaningful and satisfying life. They receive ongoing training, 24 hours response and support, and a stipend.

Care Providers must:

  • Be approved by MCS through application, interview, references, and Background/CORI check.
  • Not be a family member or legally responsible for the individual
  • Be able to provide 24-hr supervision.

Care Providers are contracted to provide the following:

  • A private bedroom meeting the standards of regulations, including a bed, lamp, bedding (seasonally appropriate), sheets, and towels.
  • Hygiene and sanitary products.
  • Food (including healthy snacks and lunches)

Shared Living Care Provider application

If you are interested in becoming a caregiver for Shared Living please click here to access the online application

Download Shared Living brochure