Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Helpful Walkthroughs

These step-by-step guides are designed to help users complete several technology-based tasks.  If you have ideas for additional walkthroughs, please email your suggestions to

Authenticator & VPN Set Up

Employees will need to configure both their authenticator and VPN to access MCS resources, such as email or remote network access

Changing Your Default Browser

Chrome, Firefox, and Edge oh my! Set your default browser, so webpages launch within your favorite web explorer

Creating an IT ticket

Sometimes technology breaks. Follow these easy steps to create a ticket and get back on task. Remember, ticket or it didn't happen!

Email Encryption Tutorial

Email tutorial on how to manually encrypt your emails sent through both the Internet and desktop app versions of Outlook.

Email on Mobile Devices

Follow the steps outlined in this guide to set up your MCS email on any mobile device. *You will need to download multiple apps*

Email Quarantine Tutorial

Email quarantine is a feature that helps protect your inbox from spam, phishing, and other unwanted messages.

Faxing From Your Seat

Tired of printing documents and walking to the copier to fax them? This guide illustrates how to send faxes right from your seat

Installing Grammarly

Ever think to yourself, hmm, that just doesn't sound right? Grammarly makes sure youwriting is clear, compelling, and easy to read.

Microsoft Teams

Overview of access, the home screen, starting conversations in posts and messages, and more

Remote Access

How to set up your PC's VPN and Remote Desktop applications to access the MCS network remotely

Scanning Documents

A guide explaining how to scan documents at any of the office Canon copiers.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Instructions designed to help create future meetings, sending invitations to participants, and more

SkillSets Online Training

Steps to register your account, access training, browse the library, and how to begin a course