Residential Services

“Each person has the right to shape his/her own home.”

Our agency began by creating community-based homes for individuals Residential Serviceswith disabilities.   We continue to develop home environments which reflect each person’s preferences and need for supports.   Each person receives warmth, sensitivity and respect from a dedicated team of staff members.

Our efforts center on support services that promote community inclusion as well as self-reliance.

For individuals who require 24-hour support, we may provide homes that one to four individuals may share.   Our goal is to promote positive self-image through the development of interpersonal and self-help skills.   Particular attention is paid to community involvement, independence and the development of essential life-skills.

For individuals living in their own apartments who require varying levels of supports (but less that 24 hours of service each day), emphasis is placed upon developing each person’s ability to initiate social and leisure activities with the goal of establishing connections in the community.   Instruction is also provided in areas including financial management, home safety, and managing and promoting good health.