Multicultural Services of Pioneer Valley, Inc

Human Rights

Our Mission

To assist the Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley to affirm, promote, and protect the human rights and civil rights of individuals served and to monitor and review the activities of the agencies with regard to the human and civil rights of those individuals consistent with the requirements of 115 CMR 3.09.

The Human Rights Committee


The Committee shall be composed of a minimum of five (5) members, at least three (3) of whom shall be individuals receiving services or supports provided, purchased, or arranged by the department, or parents, guardians, or advocates for such individuals; no member may have direct or indirect financial in the provider.

        • Individual – Chairperson: Michael Chmeal
        • Psychologist – Vice-Chairperson: John Struth
        • Registered Nurse: Mary Jo Gallagher
        • Human Rights Coordinator:  Amy Sullivan
        • Attorney: Bernie Cohen
        • Individual: Dean Bell
        • Family Member: Kevin Bell
        • Individual: Margaret Muller

If you would like to join The Human Rights Committee please contact Amy Sullivan, Human Rights Coordinator, at (413) 782-2500 or .

To view or print our Human Rights program brochure please click here.

Human Rights Services