Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Service Navigation


The MCS Family Support Centers are staffed with dozens of compassionate and committed professionals who are ready to support families in whatever way necessary. Service Navigators assist individuals with disabilities and their families in accessing supports and services, with navigating the service system and facilitating opportunities that will enhance their lives.  Services are provided in a manner consistent with the DDS Family Support Guidelines and the MCS Mission Statement. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assist families to access public benefits (e.g. housing, Social Security, fuel assistance, SNAP, health insurance, etc.)
  • Assist families to access general local, state, and/or federal resources (e.g. food pantries, immigration services, home modification programs, medical equipment, healthcare providers, MRC, employment centers, senior services, home care services, local charitable organizations, etc.)
  • Identify and coordinate access to:
    • clinical and behavioral supports
    • inclusive and recreational activities
    • transportation
    • skills training
  • Provide information and training opportunities to families
  • Provide or facilitate access to translation and interpretation services
  • Provide access to resources focusing on future planning and emergency preparedness
  • Respond to emergency situations and/or urgent needs
  • Maintain a flexible, yet reasonable, work schedule to meet the needs of families
    • Attend IEPs/ISPs contingent on individual circumstances
    • Accompany to medical appointments, as necessary and appropriate
  • Complete Family Support Plans and Stipend Expenditure Plans within required timelines

Service Navigators come with a willing spirit, provide a listening ear and help to solve problems. They are your partner and ally as you interact with the complicated and sometimes overwhelming service system!