Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Holyoke/Chicopee Family Support Team

Lilliany Rodzen
Director of Family Support Programs

Lilly has worked at MCS since 2019. She began as a Family Support Navigator in the Children’s program and in 2021 added the responsibilities of Family Support Center Coordinator, helping organize all activities, trainings, and special events offered by the Center. In March of 2023, she became the Holyoke Director of Family Support Programs. Lilly’s favorite parts of her job are helping families navigate resources and witnessing them becoming independent, effective advocates for their families, along with watching individuals reach special milestones, goals and acknowledge their potential. 

Nicole Neto
Program Coordinator – Adult Services

Nikki has worked at MCS since 2006. She started as a Direct Support Worker providing respite opportunities to individuals and small groups and eventually took of the responsibility of coordinating the Group Respite program for Adults. Now, Nikki oversees all of the adult services at MCS in Holyoke. Her favorite parts of her job are being able to offer real, life-changing supports to families and seeing the joy individuals feel when they accomplish something they have worked hard on, like the Theater Group after a performance! 

Maritza Pacheco
Program Coordinator – Children and Transition Services

Maritza started working at MCS in 2015 – the final Rios sister to join the MCS team. She started her career as a Family Support Navigator and Liaison to the Holyoke Public Schools (HPS). Over the years, Maritza has forged beneficial relationships with key staff at HPS and now coordinates all of the children’s services at MCS in Holyoke. Her favorite part of her job is working directly with the children during school vacation activities getting to know them better while watching them enjoy themselves. 

Lisa Kochian
Administrative and Billing Specialist

Lisa has been supporting the MCS Family Support program “behind the scenes” since 2013. She is an instrumental part of the team, keeping track of all kinds of things! She enjoys helping out at MCS group events and finds pleasure in watching people having fun and experiencing joy at special events. 

Briana Dickersen
Family Support Navigator and Community Connection Specialist

Briana has worked at MCS since 2021. She has a split role in the Family Support program as a Navigator for Adults with Autism and as the Community Connection Specialist. In this role, she works to find opportunities in the community to enhance relationships to benefit MCS and the people we support. Briana is tasked with many special projects and committees to benefit the Family Support Center. 

Lindsay Rodriguez-Diaz
Family Support Navigator/Respite Specialist

Lindsay has worked at MCS since 2021. She initially was our front office receptionist but was quickly promoted to Respite Navigator due to her passion, enthusiasm, and love for providing enriching experiences for our individuals. What Lindsay loves most about her job is feeling like she’s helping and making a difference in the community we serve. 

Jazmin Figueroa

Jazmin has worked at MCS since September 2023 as the front office receptionist. What Jazmin enjoys most about her role is being the person who can provide a friendly and warm greeting to both office staff and the families who visit us. 

Adult Services

Estelle Castaneda
Family Support Navigator

Estelle has worked at MCS since 2002. She works as a Family Support Navigator, primarily with Latino families who are supporting an adult loved one at home. Estelle also coordinates the parent support group, Padres Unidos en Accion (PUA). Her favorite parts of her job are supporting people in need and enjoying celebrations with the families, such as their annual holiday party and summer picnic. 

Sue Richards
Family Support Navigator

Sue has been at MCS as a Family Support Navigator for the past 12 years. She has worked with families since 1980. Prior to the massive budget cuts in 2010, Sue was the Family Supports Program Director (BHN). 

Karlene Shea
Family Support Navigator

Karlene has been a integral part of MCS Family Support services for over 30 years. She is an Adult Family Support Navigator who has fostered relationships with family, staff, providers, and community figures in the span of her time providing support services. Karlene’s knowledge, connections, and experience are irreplaceable, which makes her a well-loved navigator and a strong advocate for her families.

Aaron Smith
Family Support Navigator

Aaron has worked at MCS since 2022, supporting adults and their families. He often volunteers to help out with social activities sponsored by the Family Support Center, including dances and respite activities. Aaron is also the center’s video game club coordinator. Aaron’s favorite part of his job is helping families during times of stress and finding meaningful ways to help. He also enjoys working with the MCS Holyoke team to learn all about Family Support. 

Children and Transition Services

Sandra Cintron
Family Support Navigator

Sandra began working at MCS in 2022. She works in the Children’s and IFFS programs, supporting children and families who need a high level of assistance. Sandra also helps out in the planned respite program. Her favorite part about working at MCS is learning something new every day to help families and the community.

Ivonne Dominguez
Family Support Navigator

Ivonne has worked at MCS since 2014. She supports children and their families through general family support and the IFFS program. Ivonne also coordinates and runs the monthly preschool playgroup. Ivonne loves working with her families, supporting them to reach their dreams and goals. She finds the positive impact she makes in their lives extremely rewarding. 

Azualine Rosas
Family Support Navigator

Azualine has worked at MCS since 2017 supporting children and their families. In addition to her responsibilities as a Navigator, she also helps out at many of the social activities offered by the Family Support Center – her favorite are the respite activities offered on Saturdays and during school vacations. She loves the opportunity to get to know the kids on an even more personal level while having fun! 

Shanea Shumway
Family Support Navigator

Shanea has been a Family Support Navigator at MCS since Spring of 2021. She works with our Children, Transition-aged, and IFFS families. Shanea is consistently volunteering for the Children’s group activities. Her favorite part of her job is helping families during the holiday season by assisting with resources and items for Thanksgiving/Christmas. 

Tori Ross
Family Support Navigator

Tori began working as a volunteer for the Children’s Group in 2007 when she was 14 years old. She has been working with MCS in some capacity since then but began her journey as a Family Support Navigator in September 2023. Tori’s favorite part of working for MCS is the connections and friendships she has made, as well as the knowledge that she in helping families. 

Elaisha Pagan
Family Support Navigator

Elaisha began working at MCS in April 2023. She is a Family Support Navigator for Children ages 0-15. What she loves about her job is being able to ease any level of stress they may have with their chuildren. Seeing all the diversity and different dynamics each family has, makes her appreciate life a little bit more. Elaisha loves the family environment at the MCS Holyoke office. 

Chaneska Rivera
Family Support Navigator

Chaneska joined the MCS team in 2019. She supports many teens and young adults and their families through family support navigation. She specializes in Transition Services. Chaneska’s favorite part of her job is helping out at the group activities, especially the dances. When she’s not at work, Chaneska spends her time making precious memories with her three daughters. She’s also mom to a handsome pup named Kirby.