Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

911 Disability Indicator Program

Massachusetts cities and towns now have a service that alerts 911 Emergency Operators that an individual with a disability lives in your home and may have unique safety, communication, evacuation, or ambulance needs in case of an emergency.

Categories include: cognitive impairment, blind, deaf and hard of hearing, speech impairment, TTY/teletypewriter, mobility impairment, and life support.

This is a free service, but you must request it. Print this form then mail it to your local police department to the attention of: 911 Municipal Coordinator.

Once registered, any 911 calls from your address will automatically alert the 911 Emergency Operator that a person with a specific disability lives at your address and may require special accommodations during an emergency.

Note: This is NOT a service provided by or associated with MCS. Click here for more information about the Disability Indicator Program.