Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.

Residential Coordinator (Deaf/HOH)


TBD - in Western MA


Full Time (40 hrs./wk.)



Directly responsible for the supervision of multiple residential homes in the community, including the Site Managers, Assistant Site Managers, and Direct Service Professionals (DSP). The Coordinator will ensure sites operate efficiently within contracted perimeters and provide the best care possible for residents.

·         Maintains quality of programming through adherence to agency standards, DDS regulations, DPH Medication Administration Program (MAP) regulations, DDS Human Rights Standards, the Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC) Mandated Reporter Guidelines on physical and emotional abuse, and the principles of the OQE (Office of Quality Enhancement)

·         Provides general supervision for Site Managers and DSPs and actively participates in their recruitment and selection process. In coordination with the Assistant Residential Director and Clinical staff, you will be able to identify staff training needs and develop a plan of action utilizing MCS resources, fostering your professional growth and development.

·         Develops and Implements ISP according to specific individual needs with the ISP Team. With the assistance of the site manager and MCS clinical staff, you will ensure the completion of personal assessments in all areas as required by DDS. You will receive continuous staff training on strategies to implement Individual Service Plans, ensuring you have the support and resources you need to succeed. You will also ensure the completion of Monthly Progress Reports and related ISP documentation and attend ISP and associated meetings. 

·         Conduct regularly scheduled site visits to all assigned sites to ensure homes meet the OQE standards and building codes are a safe, clean, and culturally typical homelike environment for the consumers, and act as a liaison with landlords. 

·         Tracks monthly contract expenses for assigned programs and identifies overruns.  In concert with the Assistant Residential Director, develop an action plan for the program to stay within budget.  Attends DDS monthly contract meetings.

·         Ensure individual mental and physical health and well-being are met as stated in OQE standards, MAP regulations, DDS/DPH regulations, and MCS policies and procedures. Coordinate medical/psychological care of the consumers with the MCS RN. Attend medical APPOINTMENTS AS NEEDED AND REQUESTED BY MCS RN or ASST. DIRECTOR. Attend psychological/psychiatrist appointments as needed and requested by MCS Clinical staff.

·         Ensure that all required documentation is completed on a timely basis. 

·         Liaison on the consumer’s behalf with DDS, Families, other Provider Agencies, Work Sites, and Federal and State agencies. Adhere to agency guidelines regarding all communication with external agencies. 

·         Participates in developing, implementing, and evaluating agency strategic plans incorporating the agency mission statement, goals, and philosophy into the residential service component of MCS.

·         Meet with Asst. Residential Director monthly for supervision.  Attend monthly residential management meetings and monthly Clinical meetings. 

·         Performs any other duties required by the Assistant Residential Director or Director OF Residential Services as needed.


Required Qualifications/Skills/Training:

Requirements: • An associate's Degree in a Human services-related field with a minimum of 5 years of experience in residential service delivery or a BA in a Human services-related field and a minimum of 3 years of experience in residential service delivery, of which two years documented supervisory/training experience. • Knowledge of the DD/MH service delivery system. Good interpersonal skills. Good judgment skills and ability to work independently. • Demonstrated knowledge of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community • Valid Driving License. • DDS Medication Administration Program Certification. • Effective writing skills and computer knowledge. • Fluent in American Sign Language Training: First Aid, CPR, Medication Certification (MAP), Safety Care, and knowledge of Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)

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