Clinical Supports

In-Home Clinical Supports (IHCS) is a structured, person-centered, relationship between the In-Home Clinical Specialist and the identified individual and his/her family for the purpose of addressing developmental, emotional, and behavioral needs. IHCS provides an integrated team approach with the collaboration of other service providers. The goal of IHCS is to enhance the family’s ability to respond effectively to challenging daily situations and promote each family’s capacity to care for their member with an intellectual disability.
We strive to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our families through the use of the MCS translation center and by providing training and information in cultural competence. This is accomplished by practicing the principles of person-centered and strength-based approaches to promote self-discovery and personal growth for the individual and their loved ones. This allows for exploration of the individual and family dynamics in an effort to identify possible causes/triggers related to challenging behaviors.

The In-Home Clinical Specialist creates a strategic treatment plan that is uniquely crafted for each individual and family that addresses family attitudes, approaches, and behaviors. Information is gathered from in-person interviews and observation, parent consultation, provider collaboration, and documentation analysis. Whether sessions take place at home, in the community, virtually, and/or at a day program, the In-Home Clinical Specialist offers alternative methods and ideas that create a learning environment for the individual and their loved ones. The goal of In-Home Clinical Supports is to help the identified client and his/her family to understand and apply the concept and fundamental principles of recommended interventions and strategies.

In-Home Clinical Supports services have become available through an independent contract provided by the Department of Developmental Services. These services are specifically contracted to be provided to individuals and families enrolled in the Family Support Program through Multicultural Community Services. Referrals to this program are directly provided to the In-Home Clinical Supports program by the Department of Developmental Services through a closed process.