Family Leadership Series

In association with Massachusetts Families Organizing For Change (MFOFC), MCS hosts an annual  Family Leadership Series. This Series focuses on providing families and individuals with the vision, knowledge and leadership skills they need to live in their communities as naturally and typically as desired.

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  • Initiative and Leadership
  • Creating A Vision for your loved one
  • Policy Making at the Local, State and Federal Level
  • Caring for the Care-Taker

The Family Leadership Series is organized into three, two-day workshops in Springfield from November through April. Participants are required to attend all sessions.

THIS EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY IS FREE FOR PARTICIPANTS! Food and overnight lodging for participants is paid for by the Department of Developmental Services. Scholarships for respite/child care are available. There will be NO COST to you to attend this series!!

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To Apply: Download a 2020 FLS Application OR  Apply Online



MFOFC is part of the Massachusetts Alliance for 21st Century Disability Policy (MA21), whose mission is to advance full community participation for individuals with disabilities. MA21 is a partnership of some of the Commonwealth’s leading statewide disability advocacy organizations: Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change (MFOFC), Massachusetts Advocates Standing Strong (MASS), Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council (MDCC), and The Arc of Massachusetts (The Arc), with additional contributions from Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts (AFAM) and the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC), and the Disability Law Center (DLC).

The Alliance has published a document entitled MA21: Implementing a 21st Century Disability Policy. To learn more and to read or download a copy, please click here.

The Real Lives bill

Last year, the Alliance filed legislation entitled An Act to Encourage Responsibility, Cost Effectiveness and Meaningful Lives for Individuals with Disabilities. This legislation, commonly known as the Real Lives Bill, expands the ability of people to direct their own public funds. It requires no new funding. It requires that the administration implement certain new goals and strategies so as to allow public funds to be used as flexibly as possible by the individual or family even if it requires a new federal waiver or state plan amendment. For complete information about the Real Lives bill, please click here.