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MCS In Desperate Need of PPEs

Donations Welcomed

MCS continues to provide essential services to individuals who have developmental disabilities and require 24 hour care and assistance. We have over 300 employees who continue to work each day. We are in desperate need of PPE, particularly masks. If you are able to donate, please leave a comment here or contact Michael Romanovitch at 413.782.2500 or and we will arrange pick up. Thank you!


Multicultural Community Services



TO:                  All MCS Staff

FROM:           Paul Conlon, Executive Director

                         Carlos Resto, HR Director

DATE:            April 5, 2020

RE:                  New policy/protocol that replaces the old protocol dated                                           March 25, 2020


Employee Pay Affected by the Coronavirus


Any employee that is not able to report to work because they have tested positive to the Coronavirus – COVID 19:

And are Quarantined by a medical professional

The employee will be able to use their vacation and sick time to get paid for a period of 14 days.  If the employee exhausts or does not have enough vacation/sick time during that period, MCS will pay the remaining hours of their regular scheduled hours during that 14-day period, as long as the employee provides a doctor’s note stating that they have tested positive to COVID-19.   A doctor’s note clearing them to return to work will be required.


Any employee who removes themselves from the schedule without being tested positive for the Coronavirus – COVID 19:

The employee can only use their vacation time.

*A doctor’s note verifying you have tested positive to the COVID-19 virus is required in order for MCS to assist with any completion of your regular pay.


Multicultural Community Services



RE: All MCS Staff who are providing Face-to-Face Services

FROM: Paul D. Conlon, Executive Director

DATE: March 23, 2020

RE: Temporary Wage Increase

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures. All of you have done a magnificent job continuing to provide high level care to the clients served by MCS during this pandemic. As a result, effective Sunday March 22nd all hourly staff who continue to work face-to-face with clients will receive a TEMPORARY 20% increase to their current hourly rate of pay for hours worked.  This temporary increase will remain in force until the coronavirus pandemic ends or is under control. This will apply to hourly staff (site managers, direct care, and relief staff) who work in the residential and ABI programs and some staff under the family supports program.

Further, if staff continue to work in a program where a coronavirus situation occurs, those staff will be paid a 30% increase above their current hourly wage. In addition, more safeguards will be put in place to make the work environment safe. These safeguards include a well-stocked supply of gloves and masks as well as other protocols.

Again, the board of directors and senior management cannot begin to express how much we appreciate your dedication throughout these unprecedented times.


Multicultural Community Services



TO: All MCS Staff

FROM: Paul Conlon, Executive Director

DATE:  March 20, 2020

 RE: Coronavirus Memo #2


This is the second in a series of memo’s regarding the coronavirus and the measures that MCS is employing to make all MCS stakeholder as safe and as informed as possible.

I would like to begin by thanking all of you for your fine work and dedication during these extraordinary times. Although I can’t predict when, there will be an end to this pandemic and we will come out stronger as an agency. As I mentioned in memo #1 last week, the best source on information remain the following websites: and (Center for Disease Control). We are beginning to hear more positive news emanating from medical experts. China and South Korea are experiencing significant declines in the number of new cases. Some existing medications are showing signs of effectively treating (not curing) the virus. The vast majority of cases in the USA are mild to moderate NOT lethal in nature.

In the coming days the following steps will or have already be implemented at MCS:

  • Offices will remain open for the duration of this pandemic, although with a modified staffing.
  • Significant steps have been taken to assure key administrative functions continue uninterrupted (processing payroll, staff and program reimbursements, vendor payments, etc.).
  • All employees work status will remain in force even if an employee cannot work their normal schedule during the duration of this pandemic. Staff will continue to accumulate vacation and sick time as well as remain eligible for health insurance.
  • We are deploying staff from other programs to assist with group home staffing.
  • MCS is in the process of setting up an employee and family phone call-in center to provide guidance and comfort to our valued employees and their families; more information to come on this.
  • Identification badges are being processed in the event there are travel restrictions put in place by the government. This badge will show that you are on official agency business and are in route to a program. More details to come on this.
  • MCS is developing a comprehensive financial incentive plan to reward employees who go above and beyond normal work This plan will be announced early next week once all details are worked out.

Finally, our prime focus is to keep our clients and employees safe while still providing services. This will not change throughout the duration of this pandemic. Again, I thank you all for the work you’ve been doing. This memo will be posted on and Facebook as well as MCS work sites.


Multicultural Community Services

Coronavirus Temporary

Payroll Protocol

Updated March 17, 2020


With the coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting communities and families around the world, this is a difficult time for all of us. At MCS, our priority remains the health and wellbeing of the individuals we serve and our hard-working employees. It is important for us to continue to do business during this time of uncertainty.


MCS is committed to minimizing disruption, but we are undertaking some temporary changes to ensure the health and safety of our team and yours:


  • MCS will continue to try and minimize the number of visitors to our office, video at the entrance door will be used to screen visitors before entry.


  • Payroll Friday, March 20th, we will be distributing checks from our conference room.  A walk-up window will be prepared for staff to pick up checks/payroll stubs with no need to enter the building. 


  • Payroll Friday, April 3rd, checks and payroll stubs will be sent by mail on Thursday, April 2nd and eliminate pick up at the office.  Unless someone has some extenuating circumstance no one should be picking up checks on Friday, 4/3.


We strongly encourage everyone to set up direct deposit if you haven’t done so.


We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty. We’re here, and we’re committed to supporting you during this challenging time.


Any questions or concerns please contact: Carlos Resto, HR Director


Coronavirus Protocols

Updated March 16, 2020

– Wash hands frequently

– Cough and sneeze into your sleeve

– Avoid touching your face

– If you are sick stay home

– Do not shake hands

– Clean your workspace (telephone, cell, keyboard, etc.)

– When talking/meetings with people stand 6 feet apart (even at meetings)

– Avoid large crowds

– MCS will prohibit meetings of more than 5 people effective at noontime on March 16th

– Some of these protocols will be challenging given the population we work with; do the best you can.

– Stay calm. We will get through this!



TO: All MCS Staff 

FROM: Paul Conlon, Executive Director

RE: Coronavirus Update #1

DATE: March 12, 2020

The purpose of this memo is to update you on what strategies MCS is working on with regard to the Coronavirus Outbreak. I envision that this will be the first in a series of updates in the following weeks until the outbreak ends or is contained. This, as well as future memos, will also be posted on Facebook and the MCS website – MCSNET.ORG. I assume that you are all aware of what I mean when I reference the Coronavirus.

I would encourage you all to log on to one or both of the following websites for updates about the virus and what you can do to protect and educate yourself and your loved ones: and Both of these sites have daily and at times hourly updates. The information on these websites is being provided by health and medical experts. Both sites will emphasize washing your hands, covering coughs, staying home if you are ill among other precautions. I have found them to be very informative and helpful. In my opinion, social media is NOT the best resource for this. The information emanating from those outlets is generally not coming from experts and can result in inaccurate information that can only lead to confusion and fear. Both of which only serve to make the situation worse.

This week I convened two meetings with senior and mid-level staff to address potential issues that may result from this virus. I will meet with this group on an ongoing basis. My primary concern at this point is our ability to effectively staff programs (particularly our 19 group homes) in the event school systems temporarily close. This could result in staff needing to care for their school-aged children rather than reporting to work. I have instructed the management staff to begin having conversations with you to gauge your interest in working in other programs within MCS should the need arise. In addition, we will review any scheduled group activities, particularly in our family support programs on an ongoing basis. At this point, these are precautionary measures. However, it is prudent that MCS begin planning for the possibility that decisive action may need to take place at some point with little or no notice.

I have every confidence that we will all rise to meet any challenge that we may be required to face in the coming weeks. I will keep you all posted as new information is available. Thank you.


MCS Grant Press Release

Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley, Inc.
1000 Wilbraham Rd.
Springfield, MA 01109

Paul Conlon, Executive Director
782-2500 ext. 322

Grant Award Press Release

Chicopee Savings Charitable Foundation Pledges $100,000
to Multicultural Community Services (MCS)

SPRINGFIELD – The Chicopee Savings Charitable Foundation, an affiliate of Westfield Bank, recently pledged $100,000to Multicultural Community Services in support of their capital campaign for the renovation of their Family Support Center located at 1000 Wilbraham Road.

“Our goal is to create a progressive and innovative Family Support Center that will be equipped to serve in excess of 1000 underserved adults and children with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and their caregivers,” said Paul Conlon, Executive Director of MCS. “We are profoundly grateful for the Foundation’s generous donation” continued Conlon. “The relationship between MCS and the Foundation, Westfield Bank and Legacy Chicopee Savings is more than just a professional one,” continued Conlon. “It’s the continuation of a partnership that has spanned decades. Their team has supported our mission from the beginning and are now helping us create a space to expand and offer new programs that will enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community for generations to come.”

“Our community is fortunate to have such a well-respected and evolving leader in services for persons with special needs,” said William Wagner, Foundation President, “We are extremely pleased to support their expansion and encourage our business community to lend their support as well.”

Since 1979, MCS has been committed to providing support and advocacy for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families. MCS offers a wide variety of programs including residential, individual support, foster care, and family support. Specialized services offered through The Family Support Center will include case management, training, recreational, and educational opportunities to more than 1300 Western MA families who are often under-served in the community. Information about MCS services and its capital campaign can be obtained at or by calling 413-782-2500.