Staff Education Emergency Preparedness Communication Plan

As an organization, we need to be prepared during an emergency to share information appropriately with other health care providers to facilitate continuity of care. Please read policy Emergency Preparedness Plan Communication Plan and complete the education quiz. This is a required competency.


When to review EM Priority Rating and Possible Evacuation (at a minimum)

  • Upon admission -At time of assessment, develop/review the emergency plan for the individualized client. Provide any teaching needed.
  • When there is a major change in the plan of care – review the emergency plan to determine if any changes need to be made to the emergency plan.
  • When the Incident Commander (Clinical Nurse Administrator or designee) has activated the Emergency Preparedness Plan.


Who should be notified

  • Physician
  • Notify Incident Commander when client is transferred

When to share information

  • If a client is being evacuated or being sent to a healthcare facility


What information should be shared

  • Provide information about emergency contact, demographic information
  • Provide medical information about the plan of care
  • Provide a listing of the current treatments & medications
  • Provide contact information about the client’s primary care physician


How to share

  • Paper record transfer with client during evacuation or during shelter-in-place (printout from EHR) – Primary mode of communication
  • Secure Email during client transfer
  • FAX if available during client transfer
  • Internal phone or cell phone during or while client in transfer
  • iPhone picture of records using secure text at the time of client transfer
  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will be set-up remotely by the IT Director.

Communication is key!