Communication Plan Answer Key

Please circle the correct answer or fill in the blank.

  1. Once the emergency preparedness plan is activated all clients need to be evaluated for priority care and possible evaluation. True
  2. The Medicare Conditions of Participation require an emergency preparedness
  3. communication plan. True
  4. Name the three times when the patient’s priority rating must be reviewed. Upon Admission, a major change to the plan of care, when EM Plan is activated.
  5. Who must be notified about a client’s transfer? Physician
  6. We can share information with a transferring facility during an emergency under HIPAA. True
  7. The primary mode of communication of clinical documentation and sharing of client information is paper record transferred with client
  8. Other modes of communication of clinical documentation and sharing of information include: secure email, fax, phone call, pictures of record, IT will set-up private access through VPN
  9. Report all client transfers to the Incident Commander. True


Score 8/8. If 100% score is not achieved, this information needs to be individually reviewed with staff and quiz retaken.